Professor-in-Charge, SPARC Laboratory

Name Title Email
Dr. Makarand (Mark) Hastak
Professor and Head of Construction Engineering and Management Professor of Civil Engineering

SPARC Staff:

Post Doc
Name Research Title/Area Year Status Email
Kyubyung Kang Infrastructure Interdependency in Post Disater/Infrastructure Supply Chain & Business Continuity/Construction Engineering Education Fall 2018 ~ Present Active kyukang@purdue.eduVisit Kyu
Soojin Yoon Asset Management/Infrastructure Management/Energy Resilience and Sustainability Fall 2018 ~ Present Active yoon88@purdue.eduVisit Soojin
Ph.D. Students
Name Research Title/Area Year Status Email
Saumyang M Patel Disaster insurance and infrastructure policy Spring 2008 ~ Present Active
Fekadu D. Melese Lean Construction Fall 2013 ~ Present Active
Jooho Kim Effective Debris Removal Operations Fall 2014 ~ Present Active
Jenan D Almullaali Infrastructure resilience to natural disaster Fall 2017 ~ Present Active Email Jenan
Master Students
Name Research Title/Area Year Status Email
KwangHyuk(Kevin) Im Inoperability Input Output Model to estimate the cascading economic losses Fall 2017 ~ Present Active
SPARC Alumni
Name Research Title/Area Graduated Email
Edgar Barriga MH Industry: Material Flow and Management May 2003
Sangjeun Lee Construction Project Risk Assessment Model using   “COMPASS” May 2003
Kartik Goyani Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time August 2003
Praveen Sukumaran Optimization of Construction Schedule  in Highway Work Zones August 2003
TaeHoon Hong Composite Materials in Construction May 2005
Christopher  Ports Financial Issue in MH industry May 2005
Qingbin Cui Dynamic Model for Profitability Analysis of Construction Firms August 2005
Bhavin Safi Cost Schedule Tradeoff August 2005
Juan Pablo Garcia Whole House: Hybrid Home August 2005
Ravi Agrawal Intermodel Transportation Planning for Modular Construction August 2006
Jae Gyu Jeong Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization for the MH industry August 2006
Mehmet Emre Bayraktar Decision Model: Time Cost Trade-off in Highway Work Zones August 2006
Marcela Fernandez-Dengo Risk Management for International Projects in Mexico August 2007
Sharvil Shah Use of Cold Formed Steel as a Structural Material in a Manufactured House Construction - an Investigative Study May 2008
Ziad Tamer International Projects - Application of ICRAM May 2009
Eun Ho(Daniel) Oh Disaster Impact Assessment May 2010
Craig Clutts Construction equipment procurement May 2010
Abhijeet R Deshmukh Severity Of Social And Economic Impact Due To Flood Damaged Critical Infrastructure On Associated Communities And Industries May 2010
Saumyang M Patel A Strategic Framework to Construct Two Hundred Homes in Thirty Days after Disaster August 2010
Hiral K Shah A Model to Quantify the Benefits of Pavement Preservation May 2011
Akhila Boppana Construction Industry Indices May 2011
Erik Ryan Wright Assessment and Recommendations to Address the Need for Qualified Construction Professionals in the Nuclear Power Industry Spring 2012
Akanksha Sinha Capacity Building for Improved water management system in Turkana county, Kenya Fall 2012
Yoojung Yoon Infrastructure Management August 2013
Nader Naderpajouh Interactional Analysis, Benchmarking Coupled Systems, Risks in Construction Supply Chain Fall 2013
Hyung Jun Ahn Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Interface August 2014
Sayanti Mukherjee Towards a resilient grid: A risk-based decision analysis incorporating the impact of sever weather-induced power outages Email Sayanti
Juyeong Choi Dynamic Strain Capacity Analysis and Planning for Critical Infrastructure to Improve Community Resilience to Disasters Email Juyeong
Soojin Yoon New Paradigm for Preffered Maintenance Budget Allocation Email Soojin
Kyubyung Kang Enhancing Critical Capacity of Infrastructure Supply Chain to Improve Resilience of Associated Communities and Infrastructure to Disaster Email Kyu

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